I am A Nurse.

Posted: 21 September 2011 in Uncategorized

I am a nurse. It is my job. I put on a uniform and comfortable shoes and punch a time clock.

I have the education and experience to do for others what they cannot do for themselves.

I listen to the patients, touch them, reassure them, help them eat and drink, assist them with bodily function.

They are often ashamed of their need for help, and they are grateful to be treated with respect.

What patients don’t understand is that time their are just a bowel movement to document and emersis to measure, a routine part of my day.

I don’t exist on a higher plane coz i work at the bedside. The work and flexibility suit me.

I meet interesting people from all over the world, and i learn something new everyday.

Sometimes it’s clinical information critical to my work.

Sometimes it’s about what movie i should see.

But to call nursing a job rather than a calling isn’t to diminish it.

I will not stop touching lives if i refuse to call the work magic.

I will not be a failure if i give up self sacrifice for self care.

If we indeed were to put ourselves first, perhaps there wouldn’t be a nursing shortage.

For many reason, women and men choose nursing

Nurses claiming the human choice of a profession rather than giving angels the credit for our good work.

Take a look in the mirror, and repeat after me:

“I am a nurse. I do a good job. That is enough.”

(By: Margaret C. Belcher, BSN, RN, CCRN)


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